Elders Laidley Property Management

Hi Sonya, 

I wish to thank you for your prompt attention to payment of our accounts. Your assistance and response is very much appreciated, and have found you approachable in all dealings.

Thanks again for making my job more bearable.

Kind regards
Vicki (Credit Control)

Elders Laidley Property Management

I have known Kathryn for 6 years, 2 years as a tenant and 4 years employing her services as a Property Manager. Throughout this time she has been very professional and friendly. She has many qualities which have enabled her to excell and perform successfully in her position.

 – Incorporating the best interests of the owner and the tenant
 – Personal liason with the owner and tenant
 – Ensuring leases are adhered to with regular and thorough inspections and reports
– Taking the stress out of the situation for the owner through effective and efficient management

Your efforts and service is much appreciated Kathryn. Thank you


Elders Laidley Property Management

As an ex-property manager of ten years, and a landlord who sought the services of other agents for over five years, I can highly recommend Kathryn Seip to any Landlord seeking an efficient, diligient, and professional Property Manager.

I moved my investment property in Lockrose over to Kathryn in January 2008, and it is literally the best investment decision I have ever made.

Since the changeover, all maintenance items have been attended to promptly, periodic and ingoing/outgoing inspections have been carried out to the highest standard, and her advice has been second-to-none.

Due to poor management by the past agent, Kathryn was subject to runaway tenants, late rent payments, and a damaged and unkept property. Although extremely difficult circumstances were presented to her from the onset, she managed to re-couperate outstanding rent and return the property to its original condition without Court invervention, or claiming on my landlord protection insurance.

She constantly keeps me updated, and I never have to contact her twice about any matter. She is professional at all times and manages to understand the Landlord’s financial situation, whilst also attending to matters promptly on behalf of the Tenant.

Since changing managing agents, I now have excellent tenants, regular rent payments, a well-maintained investment, and an informative, obliging, and experienced Property Manager.

Only the best could deal with a landlord who is an ex-property manager, and a problematic situation such as mine, and only Kathryn Seip is the best.


Elders Laidley Property Management

In 2001 I was on holiday in Queensland and was looking in the area of Hatton Vale and Laidley to purchase an investment property. I found a suitable property and was lucky enough to have Kathryn recommended to me as a Property Manager. I purchased the original property and was immediately impressed by Kathryn’s friendly and professional attitude and from that time on her continued commitment to my investment.

In about 2004 I was contemplating investing in another property and when looking in various states and trying to decide where I should invest. I was speaking with friends who had other properties and was frequently advised that aside from the obvious financial improvement the next most important quality was finding a good property manager. They said when I had located that I should hold onto them as they are few and far between. After hearing all the horror stories from friends and at work, I took this advice on board.

I approached Kathryn in relation to finding assistance from Elders in obtaining a property. I advised her that she would have the final word as I trusted her judgement and honesty (hard to find as a police officer!) and that it was also in her best interest as she would be managing the property. It was a couple of months later that I was advised that they had found something suitable and Kathryn gave me as much information as possible and I purchased another property at Laidley unseen but with the confidence in Kathryn’s professional judgement and common sense.

As you can imagine with the distance that my investment properties are from my home it is difficult to view or inspect. It was over a year before I had the opportunity to view my new property and is my nature I usually have only a short amount of time and short notice to visit and view. Kathryn as always offers me every assistance in facilitating the viewing while being as reasonable and fair to the tenants as she can.

I was delighted with what I saw of my new property, it was everything that Kathryn said it would be and the tenant was suitable and as always Kathryn was professional, helpful and friendly. It is pleasant time spent going view my properties and not a chore or dread.

Kathryn is in the process of arranging some work within one of the properties and I was impressed as always by her forward thinking and professional attitude in making sure that she arranged the most suitable persons to do the work while making sure I had a suitable funds available. Kathryn is also forward thinking in that she discusses with me ideas for the future on how I can improve my properties while also making the most of the properties as they stand.

Kathryn is also not afraid to speak on behalf of the tenant to request any improvements or work that she feels would be beneficial to them and I.

In recommending Kathryn I hasten to add that I have my original property in Darwin which is managed by another company. Although happy with their service I would gladly have it managed by Kathryn who offers so much more than just looking after the property and taking rent.
I now have two properties which are both under the management of Kathryn and if I had further finances and was going to buy more I would be looking to buy within her area so that she could manage it. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn and her company to any person. 

Kathryn deserves every recommendation for her professional attitude, hard work, diligence, honesty, good nature but also that caring side that is often the difference to what makes people that little bit special.


Elders Laidley Property Management

Re: Ms Kathryn Seip – Property Manager

Greetings from London UK,

I wish to commend and congratulate
Kathryn Seip as a fine Property Manager.

From the moment I bought my first property from Elders Laidley I was handed over to Kathryn who has always been most helpful and very willing to go the extra distance to make sure my properties are looked after.

Kathryn came to me highly recommended by friends who had seven properties happily managed by Kathryn and they said I should look no further than Kathryn to manage mine.

During my extended contract working in England, I have never had to worry about my properties managed by Kathryn and I am secure in the knowledge my best interests are in good hands.

May Kathryn and her team remain and continue for a long time ! Excellent. 


Elders Laidley Property Management

Dear Sonya,

The Management and Staff of Lowood Irrigation would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you do in ensuring that our accounts are paid promptly and correctly. 

It is personal effort like this that assists our business operations to run smoothly and fosters good business relations. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Garry Dodt

Elders Laidley Property Managment

Re Kathryn Seip, Property Manager, Elders Laidley

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn since August 2007 when she accepted the responsibility of managing my property at 9 Coates St., Laidley. Kathryn impressed me immediately with both her enthusiasm and professionalism. Her long experience in the local area has proven invaluable in the search for both suitable tenants and sub- contractors. 

My work takes me overseas for most of the year and I can always rely on Kathryn to be taking care of my affairs without need for concern or continual contact. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for a Property Manager and I believe she is well deserved of special recognition by her peers. 

Yours sincerely,

Elders Laidley Property Management

I have know Sonya Sullivan for a number of years both personally and professionally and have always found her to be very pleasant and caring. I admire her commitment to her family and that carries through to her work with her business.

It is a pleasure to do maintenance work for Elders Laidley Property Management as my accounts are paid promptly and if problems arise Sonya sorts them out. The staff at the real estate always seem to be bubbly.


Elders Laidley Property Management

I am pleased on behalf of Lockyer Irrigation to comment on the work carried out by Elders Property Management  (Laidley). Being a business owner for over 25 years, our company has dealt with many real estate agents in the Lockyer Valley, an I will be honest, Elders is one of the two real estate we continue to do trade work for. 

The team are professional to not only look after the tenant and owner, but also the trades people carrying out any work on the properties they manage, and this is a rare  find in todays society. I would also like to give a special mention to Sonya at at the Laidley office. I have found Sonya follows every job from start to finish and our company always gets paid on time. This means a great deal to our small business. 


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